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Watch your step now, your entering my pack. Hi, im the pack leader Silver! *grin* I hope your here to stay! Now this site is new and still under construction so please be patient.  ~Silver




As we look around we notice 33 members! We are slowly growing to a small not tiny pack:3 Guess what? Ive decided to have four different packs! On the"PACK VOTING" You can post what one you want or if you want one to be added. There has to be an even amount of five for now so its fair Go VOTE:3 Then (so its fair) Ill make a page where you can ask for ranks in that pack put what pack your in but wait till we finish voting. (ON HOLD!)



Refer a member!

Refer a member so we can reach 35+

New goal once we reach the current one :)~Silver


Contact: Questions? Comments? Ask all at..

[email protected]





Admins: Amber, Onora

Mods: Luna Wolf,


Current Contests:

Art contest

Prizes: Wolf artist on honored page and admin

(Give us ideas on prizes plz!)

Motto/Quote contest!




"I Live To Love Wolves"~Silver



Want a quote on Hpage? Win a contest, we are having quote contest, and new motto contest.

Winner gets theres on Hpage and mod, and the motto gets to be our offical motto for awhile!